A smart assistant for the 21st century. We designed Athena to be smarter than any other.

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Athena knows excatly what you want, so instead of searching the web it provides something relevant.


Quickly get the weather and forecast from Athena, quickly roll a dice or calculate an equation Coming Soon.


We would never store your location, IP or data. We never look at what you are doing either. Athena is 100% secure and works on machine with little internet access.


A easy to use, accesible design. This makes Athena easy to navigate, and efficient. Faster loading times and faster response times.


Athena is a clean, fresh and new looking assistant designed to help everyone.
It has great functionality and UI, which makes it fast and responsive.
100% completley secure and private. As all things should be.


By downloading Athena you agree to not reproduce, damage or modify Athena.
Only availble for Windows 10 32bit & 64bit. Scanned by Google Drive.

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Athena will work depending on internet connection, and may need firewall exceptions.

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