About us

Croft develops, creates and designs software to make everyday easier, for everybody.


Designed to be simple.

We love to have products that are easy to use, and hassle free. Keeping them simple but including advanced features is one of the great things about Croft. It's part of our idea that tech should be for everyone.

Smarter tech.

Croft products are unique, and have a clean design to them. We program these products to have advanced functionalities whilst keeping the simplistic design. This allows our users to use the best tools they possibly can.



We make Croft products look amazing in the modern world. These products have great looking UIs, which allow for a simple and easy interface. It looks clean, smart, and just epic.


At Croft we work hard to make your experience the best as possible.
Meet our amazing team of Developers, Designers, Innovators and Managers.

Sam H

Owner and Developer.

Joe C

Deputy and Designer.

Tom S

Advisor and Innovator.

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